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Volunteer Spotlight


Kendra Lacey

About Kendra, who volunteers to help out with making and distributing flyers for the CAC:

"I was thinking about starting a career as a chemical dependency counselor and I figured volunteering would be a good way to see if that is really something I'd like to do or if I'm just meant to be an ally."

Kendra has noticed and been very concerned with how society stigmatizes people who use drugs or those who are in recovery. "My goal with helping is to change this. That's why I want to be involved. I also want to learn more as well".
Kendra also shared, "I enjoy making flyers. It's like a creativity burst for me & it's for a good cause."

Thank you again, Kendra, for all the work you have done for the CAC!

 Volunteer Spotlight

Bridget Skeados



About Bridget, who volunteers to help people in need of transportation: 

I’m a retired NYC teacher but have had a house up here for 35 years. I have wanted to do something for the community but because of other commitments, one being babysitting my grandchildren, wasn’t able to volunteer for anything that required specific hours. When I saw this I realized this is something I can do. I have often wondered what happens to people who either do not own a car or can no longer drive and they live far from supermarkets and doctors. This must lead to feelings of isolation and frustration. There is almost no public transportation up here which in itself is a shame. So if I can help drive someone to an appointment that is very doable for me.
I would like to encourage others to do the same. I’m sure there are a lot of people like me who would like to do something for the community but don’t know what to do. This is an easy place to start.
If we can get together a group of volunteers, we can share the rides. It might mean just driving once a month or driving one way and someone else driving back.


New Volunteer Opportunities

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