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October 30, 2019

CAC partners with Margaretville Hospital on a RCORP-Planning grant

Margareville Hospital, which is part of the Westchester Medical Center WMCHealth Network, was awarded a $200,000 Rural Communities Opioid Response Program Planning grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) in May 2019. [Link to grant:]

The RCORPs Planning Grant funds the strengthening and expanding of a community consortium that aims to reduce morbidity and mortality from substance use disorders in the Catskills region of upstate New York. The hospital, the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, Roxbury Central School and the Catskills Addiction Coalition are the four founding members of this consortium, which is now known as the expanded Catskills Addiction Coalition. By May 2020, when the granting period ends, the CAC plans to add partners to this coalition, making it a strong and flexible group that will collaborate across disparate communities and organizations to create innovative and sustainable solutions to the opioid epidemic in upstate New York.

The RCORPs Planning Grant requires that the CAC create a Needs Assessment, a Strategic Plan, a Sustainability Plan, and a Workforce Development plan for healthcare and wellness providers in the region. These reports are due periodically throughout the year, and will all be done along with a final grant report by May 2020.

The CAC plans to apply for a HRSA RCORPs Implementation Grant in April 2020, which would allow it to implement the plans it creates during the planning year. [Link to grant]

The CAC meets quarterly as a group, but does most of its work in its various committees. A partial list of committees is below:

Youth Engagement/School Committee

Law Enforcement — Community Referrals Committee

Medication Assisted Treatment and Counseling Committee

Prevention/Mental Health Committee (works with Delaware County Drug Use Task Force Prevention Committee):

Recovery Coach Committee:

Communication, Data and Outreach Committee

Transportation Committee

Housing Committee

Summit Planning/Steering Committee

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