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My Intent Project- Free Self Care Resources





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Food Resources

Eat Right, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Covid-19 Resources

Food Resource and Action Center, Updates on SNAP benefits, webinars, child and family nutrition

NEXT is a FREE mail order harm reduction supply resource that mails confidential supplies directly to your home. This includes Narcan, Clean Syringes, Fentanyl Test Strips, and more.

Offering virtual recovery meetings, recovery yoga, cross-fit, guided meditation, and more.
Offering 12 Step recovery speakers meetings


National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)



Offering online recovery support groups which will be available four times daily at 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, and 9PM EST.
Offers a variety of online meetings and various other outside resources
Offers online meetings with specialized topics with a variety of meeting formats (i.e. chat, text, e-mail, etc.)
Offers a variety of online communications, including chat rooms, message boards, etc. They also offer online media and online meetings with specific meeting topics (i.e. cocaine anonymous)

Offers online meetings with specialized topics. They have multiple modalities, including 12 step, non-12 step, over all wellness, and overall mental health.
Provides online meetings using Zoom. They already have a set schedule for all 7 days of the week with various speakers already scheduled.
Offers a recovery chat rooms using text chat. They also provide other recovery resources such as testimonies, readings, etc.
Offers daily online meetings with 24/7 text chat with other members. They also offer a variety of extra resources, such as meditation for NA, relapse prevention, and other recovery-oriented resources.
Specifically a narcotics anonymous forum and recovery community that uses text chat, Skype, and phone calls
Offers online meetings and an online community with message boards and a chat room
Offers a variety of meetings based on an already set schedule using text chat
Offers online support with open forums where women can share and seek support 24/7 plus text messaging support schedules 2 times a day. They also offer phone support.

NAMI- National Alliance on Mental Health Covid-19 Resource and Information Guide

Download the PDF file of the guide HERE


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