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Thank you to everyone who attended our  2023 Summit! Follow the link to view the Summit videos

Call the Catskills Pathways to Recovery Hotline at



Contact one of our friendly CRPAs directly - info below


Jason Tompkins, Project Director

Jason Tompkins is the Project Director for the Catskills Pathways to Recovery (formerly the CAC). Jason coordinates the activities of the CPR and makes connections and partnerships with other community organizations. He is also a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA) who is a Delaware County native. 


Jason Tompkins

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Alicia Griffin, Maternity and Parenting Peer

Alicia Griffin is a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate and postpartum doula who specializes in birth and parenting support for people who use drugs and people in recovery. She is the Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Peer at Margaretville Hospital who can offer pregnancy support for people with substance use disorder. She is also a mother in recovery with two kids, James and Jensen. 

Alicia Griffin headshot.jpg

Alicia Griffin

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